Executive Team
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  • Ning Tian
    Founding Headmaster
    Ning Tian, Associate Professor, has extensive educational management theory and practical experience.

    Before serving as Chinese Founding Headmaster of Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing, Mr Tian was involved in teaching and educational management in XiaoZhuang University for 39 years. During that period, he also served as Headmaster of Nanjing Experimental International School, overseeing the successful running of all phases of the school from Kindergarten through to Lower School and Upper School. During his tenure as Headmaster the school underwent tremendous growth and development.

    During his time as Headmaster, Mr Tian was unanimously recognized by all parties of Nanjing society and elected as the Vice President and Executive Vice President of Nanjing Private Education Association, a position he has now held for 20 years.
  • Carlien Shelley
    Founding Executive Head
    Mrs Shelley’s career in teaching and education administration has spanned nearly 20 years, in the UK and China, since she first departed her home country of Australia. Before joining WASNJ, she was Principal of Shrewsbury School Huangpu, Guangzhou. Prior to that, she worked as Deputy Head of Harrow Beijing, at a time when the school saw tremendous growth.

    Mrs Shelley also has the experience of working in two prestigious independent boarding schools in the UK. For 8 years she held the positions of Housemistress as well as Head of Biology at Rugby School. Before that, she worked as Assistant Housemistress and as a teacher of Biology for 5 years at Worth School. After spending nearly 15 years in the UK, she came to China, together with her family, five years ago.

    Mrs Shelley holds a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Science Teaching as well as a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.
  • Michael Rust
    Deputy Head Pastoral
    Mr. Michael Rust is the Deputy Principal (Pastoral) at WASNJ, supervising student well-being, safeguarding and child protect, co-curriculum activity and boarding programme. Among his 15 years working experience in schools, Mr. Rust has rotated many crucial management roles respectively in the UK, Dubai and Beijing China. He is particularly good at reading student development concerns thus help them solve problems for better achievement.

    Mr. Michael Rust graduated from the University of Brighton with a BA (Hons) in Physical Education. He is enthusiastic about rugby, skiing and golfing. Mr. Michael Rust is now studying for his Master in Applied Educational Leadership at UCL.
  • Qiang Yuan
    Head of Upper School
    Before joining WASNJ, Mr. Qiang Yuan worked as the Executive Head for Upper School at Nanjing Experimental International School. He has undertaken various roles of leadership in his 30 years professional background. Mr. Yuan has been known for encouraging his students to always pursuit down-to-earth progress as part of their learning process.

    Mr. Yuan believes that education is the conversation between two souls. He expects to contribute at WASNJ and is ready to witness the growth of every student here.
  • Joanne Ladd
    Executive Head of Upper School
    Dr. Joanne Ladds owns a master’s degree in Chemistry, PhD, PGCE and a master’s degree in Education from the University of York and a NPQH (National Qualification for Headship). She’s spent 18 years in education and went through numerous academic leadership positions. Dr. Joanne Ladds is also a member and journal editor of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

    Due to her particular interest in educational research, Dr. Joanne Ladds has been engaged in multiple global education conferences where she discussed with experts on popular topics such as Growth Mindset, STEAM Learning and Progressive Education. Dr. Ladds’ joining to WASNJ will empower the team’s motivation for student’s better learning.
  • Anthony Starkie
    Assistant Head of Upper School
    Mr. Anthony Starkie graduated from Imperial College London with a bachelor’s degree in Physics. He owns 15 years experiences of teaching and management both in the UK and China. Mr. Starkie secured his first teaching role at Staffordshire’s top-performing specialist science school where he led the Physics subject and introduced a GCSE Astronomy enrichment programme. Following that, Mr. Starkie was the founding Head of Science at the UK’s first engineering-specialist University Technical College, leading a bespoke curriculum that combined student learning with real-world industrial challenges. He later worked as Head of Physics in Wolverhampton and London.

    Mr. Starkie has lived in both Wuxi and Shanghai after he decided to move to China, where he held positions in charge of teaching and development of IGCSE and A-Level Physics.As an advocator for life-learning, Mr. Starkie is currently working on his master’s degree in Space Science and Technology. He is also a member of Institute of Physics.